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Olive Oil Mayonnaise ( Classic, Olive & Lemon )

A sugar free mayonnaise made with only Olive Oil (250+ olives per jar!). No blends of oils or cheap, unhealthy, inflammatory oils.

How long does Hunter & Gather Mayonnaise last?

Our mayo's are ambient (therefore do not need to be kept in the fridge until they are opened). Once opened keep them in the top door of the fridge to avoid them getting too cold - try to ensure your fridge doesn't go below 4 degrees 🥶. Consume

How many olives are there in a jar of your 240g Olive Oil Mayonnaise?

There are over 250 olives per jar that are physically pressed to make enough oil for one jar of Hunter & Gather Olive Oil Mayonnaise.

Why is your Olive Oil Mayonnaise 240g but your Avocado Oil Mayonnaise is 250g and the jar looks the same size?

Although the jars are the same size, the weight on the jar is based on the fill weight of what is inside it. When weighing the Olive Oil Mayonnaise range, we noticed that some recipes fell short of this 250g fill weight. We have therefore used 240g

Why are the new Olive Oil Mayonnaise cheaper than the Previous Limited Edition?

We launched the Olive & Lemon Olive oil mayonnaise as a Limited Edition in the summer of 2021. As this was a limited-edition product, it was more costly to produce. We only made one small run of this recipe, therefore it cost more per jar to make

Is the recipe different in the Olive Oil Mayonnaise to make it cheaper than the Avocado Oil Mayonnaise?

In both our classic Avocado Oil Mayonnaise and classic Olive Oil Mayonnaise – we only simply use 4 ingredients. The difference is that the oil is either 100% avocado or 100% olive.We also only use non-hexane or solvent extracted oils. Avocado oil is

Why have you decided to use olive oil instead of avocado oil for the olive oil mayonnaise flavours?

We are big fans of great quality fats at Hunter & Gather including coconut, avocado, olive and animal-based fats like tallow. We have already championed avocado oil and coconut oil in our product range, and we thought that it was time the mighty

How are the olives grown that are used in the Mayonnaise? what about the wildlife?

The olives are grown on ancient olive groves which are planted in a traditional way, with space between each olive tree. The olives are hand harvested with support from tractors rather than "modern" industrial groves where the trees are "hoovered" by

How should I store Hunter & Gather Mayonnaise?

Our mayonnaise is an ambient product (no need to refrigerate until it is opened). We also recommend not storing in the fridge until you open your mayonnaise. This prevents it from getting too cold and potentially solidifying. Once opened and in use

Does your Olive Oil Mayonnaise contain any dairy?

No - real mayonnaise should never have dairy! If there is dairy in it then it is not real mayonnaise in our opinion. All of our mayonnaise ranges are free from milk, including milk powders, whey, and anything derived from milk.

Where does the lemon come from that you use in the Olive & Lemon Olive Oil mayonnaise?

We use Spanish lemons, which are unwaxed and washed solely in water (no chemicals). We use the zest, juice and lemon oil. The lemon oil is an essential oil made from the zest of the lemon and contains no seed or vegetable oils as a carrier.

Where do the olives come from that go into your Olive Oil Mayonnaise?

The olives used to make the oil in our 100% Olive Oil Mayonnaise are exclusively from the Córdoba Region in Southern Spain and they support the farming communities of the Cordoba region who have been olive farmers for generations.

Do you use Extra-Virgin Olive Oil in your Olive Oil Mayonnaise?

To make our 100% Olive Oil mayonnaise we use light olive oil since it does not have as intense a flavour as extra-virgin olive oil, which is very strong. The oil that we use is obtained by a physical extraction method and we do not use any hexane

What makes your mayonnaise suitable for the Keto or Paleo Diet?

When searching for an approved mayo, be sure not to just check the macros but also the ingredients of the mayonnaise itself. Rapeseed oil (Canola), sunflower oil, and sugar should be avoided. Vegetable and Seed oils are inflammatory and we believe

Do you use free-range eggs?

Yes! They are also British and sourced from St. Ewe farms in Cornwall. We never use powder eggs like the majority of other mayonnaise brands as they typically have undeclared flow agents in them. Our traditional mayonnaise range uses British Free

Is the Olive Oil Lab tested for purity?

Yes, every batch of olive oil is lab-tested for pesticide residue and heavy metals such as arsenic, lead, iron and copper. We test for a number of common pesticides in every batch of oil made including Oxyflurofen, Chlorpyrifos (one of the most

Is the oil 100% Olive and not cut with other oils?

At Hunter & Gather, our promise is to always provide information, recipes, and products that do not contain refined sugars, grains, or vegetable or seed oils. Therefore, we will never personally cut any oil or product with cheaper vegetable or seed

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