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How are the olives grown that are used in the Mayonnaise? what about the wildlife?Updated 2 years ago

The olives are grown on ancient olive groves which are planted in a traditional way, with space between each olive tree. The olives are hand harvested with support from tractors rather than "modern" industrial groves where the trees are "hoovered" by machinery. With a more traditional method of picking, the impact to the local fauna is kept to a minimum. The olive groves are traditional plantations which have been around for hundreds of years and the collection is done manually by hand from the tree. The reports of wildlife and fauna being harmed can be true for super intensive modern olive groves where the collection takes place at night, when the animals are roosting/resting in the trees, with huge industrial machines which "hoover" up the olives and disrupt bird life. We do not use olives from farms such as this.
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