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Is the recipe different in the Olive Oil Mayonnaise to make it cheaper than the Avocado Oil Mayonnaise?Updated 2 years ago

In both our classic Avocado Oil Mayonnaise and classic Olive Oil Mayonnaise – we only simply use 4 ingredients. The difference is that the oil is either 100% avocado or 100% olive.We also only use non-hexane or solvent extracted oils. Avocado oil is a very expensive oil, over 15 times more expensive than vegetable oil (which is in most conventional mayonnaise) and more expensive than Olive Oil. As the recipe is mostly made up of oil, by utilising Olive Oil, we can reduce the price compared to the Avocado Oil recipe. There are no fillers, bulkers or artificial preservatives added. All our products will always be refined sugar free, grain & gluten free, seed oil and veg oil free.
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