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Organ Support Supplements ( "Perform" - Liver & Heart, Pure Liver & Pure Kidney )

100% Pure & Freeze Dried Wild Roaming Lambs Liver& Heart blend, pure Liver or pure Kidney

How much DAO is in your Kidney supplements?

Our Kidney organ meat capsules contain DAO (Diamine Oxidase) which are completely free from chemical preservatives, bulkers, and fillers as we only use raw kidney which is freeze-dried and encapsulated in a gelatin capsule. Our organ meats come from

How much folate is in your Liver and "Perform" Liver & Heart supplements?

There is roughly 0.5 g of freeze-dried organs per capsule, which is 10x that in raw organs - so, 1 capsule is equivalent to 5g of raw organs. We recommend taking between 2-6 capsules per day depending on your requirements. There is 280ug of B9 Folate

Can you take your organ supplements when pregnant?

We do have some functional health practitioners who recommend these to their clients that are pregnant however we would advise you to speak with your own functional health/nutritional advisor as we are unable to give individualised advice. Some also

Do your organ supplements contain nucleotides? Does freeze-drying effect this?

We use a gentle freeze-drying process that is renowned for maintaining nutritional integrity and stability of nutrients in the products that are freeze-dried. Whilst we are confident that the nutritional integrity is maintained in our products such

What's the best capsule to take to boost my Iron levels? "Perform" Liver & Heart or just Liver?

Our organ supplements contain a range of Vitamins and trace minerals in their synergistic forms including iron, copper, riboflavin, B12, VitA, and COQ10 (depending on which supplement you choose).   The organ supplement with the highest iron levels i

Do you use chemicals to freeze dry your supplements?

All of our raw Icelandic Lambs Organ supplements are 100% pure. They are freeze-dried and put into a gelatin capsule, there are no hidden bulkers, thickeners, or chemicals used. 🙌

How do you freeze dry your supplements?

We freeze dry our supplements between -50°C and -80°C. The freezing process maintains all nutrients and doesn't denature them as heating would. Freeze drying is the gold standard in nutrient preservation.👏

What is the nutritional breakdown of the " Perform" Liver & Heart Supplements?

Our 100% Grass-Fed Wild Roaming Lamb Organ supplements are available to support your overall health and wellbeing. Supporting the ancient wisdom of "like supports like" these freeze-dried organ capsules provide beneficial vitamins and minerals

Are your Organ Support Supplements screened for pathogens such as viruses?

They most certainly are! Every batch is tested for heavy metals and a range of pathogens to ensure they are safe for you and us 🙌

Are the lambs in the Organ Support Supplements antibiotic and hormone free?

The lambs are wild roaming in the Icelandic mountains and are guaranteed free from any antibiotics or hormones. 🐑

What are the benefits of taking Organ Meat Capsules?

Organ meats are a nutritional powerhouse packed with highly bioavailable vitamins and minerals such as vitamin B12, Vitamin A, Iron, Riboflavin and Copper. For those that cannot stomach the taste, sight or smell of organ meats, a freeze dried organ

Can I take Raw Organ ("Perform" Liver & Heart) Capsules alongside your other Hunter & Gather Supplements such as Collagen and MCT Oil?

Yes, you can take Hunter & Gather nutritional support vitamin capsules alongside both our Collagen Peptide Protein Powder and our 100% Coconut MCT Oil. We personally have a morning Bulletproof (Evolve) coffee with MCT Oil & Collagen Powder - so we

What vitamins and minerals are present in the Raw Freeze Dried "Perform" Liver & Heart Capsules?

Raw Liver capsules contain highly bioavailable - Vitamin B12, Vitamin A, Riboflavin, and Copper. Raw Heart and Liver blend contain highly bioavailable - Vitamin B12, Vitamin A, Riboflavin, Copper, and Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10). 👏. Please contact our cust

What is the Like-For-Like tradition to support heart & liver health?

Our tribal ancestors were clever fellows when it came to nutrition. They had this theory that if you eat the organs of healthy animals that it provided support for your own organ health. I.e eating liver to support your liver and heart to support you

Are the Hunter & Gather Organ Supplements de-fatted?

No, we do not defat the organ meats that we use in our supplements. We love great sources of fat and the fat within the freeze dried organs enables you to utilise fat-soluble vitamins such as vitamin A more easily. Making our organ supplements a

What is Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10)

Coenzyme Q10 or otherwise known as CoQ10 naturally occurs in the heart organ meat. Heart is the richest source of CoQ10 and it is believed to support blood pressure, heart health and mitochondria in your cells. 💚 Respected Functional Health and

How do I take the Hunter & Gather Organ Support Supplements?

We recommend taking 6 capsules per day, either before or after a meal. 🙌. We advise taking the capsules with water or another drink of choice. Take a look at our Organ Support Supplements range by tapping here.

Are the lambs in your Organ Support Supplements Grass or GMO fed?

The lambs that we use are from Iceland and are wild roaming and 100% grass fed. They are never fed any supplementary grain or soy based feed. Iceland has strict rules and regulations in relation to GMO feed and the lambs are therefore never fed

Do you use gelatin or hypromellose for your Organ Support Capsules?

At Hunter & Gather our aim is to create Optimal Health products that are free from sugars, grains and inflammatory oils. We also however want to ensure that all of our products are as natural as possible. In researching the difference between

Are all of your Organ Support Capsules suitable for the Carnivore Diet or Ketogenic Diet?

Yes, our full range of Organ Support Capsules are suitable for the Carnivore and Ketogenic Diet. Our capsules are made from gelatin and only contain the freeze dried organs.

How much Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) is in your "Perform" Liver & Heart Capsules?

In all honesty, we are still awaiting a specific test for the CoQ10 levels however this is something we are looking into doing for sure. There is roughly 0.5g of the freeze-dried liver & heart per heart capsule and that equates to 10x the amount in r

What are the gelatine capsules in the Supplements made from Pork or Bovine?

Keeping our products as natural as possible is mega important to us so we have ensured our nose-to-tail highly bioavailable organ supplements are encapsulated in gelatine capsules. 💊. Our Gelatine capsules are made from real food animal sources such

Why are organ supplements a superior form of supplementation?

Our Organ supplements are nutritional powerhouses that are highly bioavailable! Unlike synthetic, lab-produced vitamins with 'impressive' levels of vitamins that are not readily assimilated by our body, our Organ Supplements are highly bioavailable

Are your Organ Support Supplements Suitable for children?

Our organ capsules are often regarded as 'supplements' (even though they're simply real food!). Therefore all supplements come with a warning to keep out of reach of children. Our organ supplements are made from real food (actual animal organs) that

Is freeze dried organ meat safe to eat?

You bet! Our process is extremely diligent and closely monitored from start to finish. This starts with the health of the animals that are born and raised on pasture without pesticides, hormones or antibiotics. They live a life that mimics what

Why should I take Hunter & Gather Organ Support Supplements?

We believe that for Optimal Health, we should be utilising natural real foods in our diet that are free from sugars, grains and inflammatory oils such as canola oil, rapeseed oil or sunflower oil. 🙌. When it comes to vitamins and minerals there are

What are the differences between your Organ Support Capsules?

All of our Organ Support Supplements are made from Wild Roaming, 100% Grass-Fed Icelandic Lamb. They are never fed any supplementary grain soy based feed or genetically modified (GMO) feed, and guaranteed to be free from any antibiotics or hormones

What does synergistic mean?

Nutrient synergy is the way that two or more different nutrients work together to produce an effect you can't get from either nutrient alone. It refers to how nutrients, enzymes, and other cofactors work together to create greater health effects -

What should I look for when buying organ meats?

Organ meats are nutritionally abundant and are packed with vitamins such as B12, Vitamin A, and essential minerals like Iron and copper. But, not all organ meats will be of the same quality and there are some key things to consider when shopping for

What is the serving of organ meats in your Organ Supplements?

Watch Amy ( One of our Co-Founders) go into detail ➡️ here.

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