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Is freeze dried organ meat safe to eat?Updated a year ago

You bet! 👏 

Our process is extremely diligent and closely monitored from start to finish. This starts with the health of the animals that are born and raised on pasture without pesticides, hormones or antibiotics. 

They live a life that mimics what nature intended, roaming the hills and countryside and live on a diet consisting of grass and wild forage. They really are the best versions of themselves and are in optimal health. 

The health of the livestock used for our range of nose-to-tail supplements is closely monitored and inspected by vets along with a regular audits and certification steps to ensure complete confidence in safety, efficacy and traceability. 

Our state of the art freeze drying process preserves the biological integrity of the nutrients within the organs and results in a product just as nature intended. What's more, every single batch is tested and verified by a third party accredited laboratory to ensure it is free from heavy metals and pathogens. 

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