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What is the serving of organ meats in your Organ Supplements?Updated 6 months ago

Watch Amy ( One of our Co-Founders) go into detail ➡️ here. 

Our organ supplements are perfect for adding into your real food lifestyle as they contain an abundance of bioavailable vitamins and minerals, such as Vitamin B12, A, Iron, Copper, Riboflavin and more. 

There is roughly 0.5 g of freeze-dried organs per capsule, which is 10x that in raw organs - so, 1 capsule is equivalent to 5g of raw organs.

We recommend taking 6 capsules per day to give you a recommended daily equivalent serving of 30g of raw fresh organs (you can spread this out if you choose too). This can be before, with, or after a meal. 

We advise taking the capsules with water or another drink of choice. 

If you would like a full breakdown of the vitamins and minerals within our freeze dried organ capsules please drop our Customer Support team a message at [email protected] and they will be delighted to help! 🙌

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