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What are the differences between your Organ Support Capsules?Updated a year ago

All of our Organ Support Supplements are made from Wild Roaming, 100% Grass-Fed Icelandic Lamb. They are never fed any supplementary grain soy based feed or genetically modified (GMO) feed, and guaranteed to be free from any antibiotics or hormones 🙌 

We have 3 options for Organ supplements. A pure liver, a pure Kidney and our Perform option which is a blend of 50% liver and 50% heart (mixed into one capsule). 

Liver is natures ultimate superfood. With an abundance of synergistic vitamins and minerals it is the perfect supplement for those that require a vitamin B12 boost to support energy levels and Vitamin A to support a healthy immune system. Liver also is a source of iron, copper and riboflavin. 

Liver & Heart is a 50/50 blend of pure liver and pure heart in one capsule. This is great for those looking for an allrounder vitamin and mineral supplement. With all the benefits of pure liver you also get the benefits of pure heart and COQ10. COQ10 (CoEnzyme Q-10) is important when it comes to the production of adenosine triphosphate (ATP) – a molecule that helps distribute energy to each cell in your body. 

Kidney is a great source of DAO which is key in supporting histamine intolerance symptoms. DAO (Diamine Oxidase) is an enzyme involved in the metabolism, oxidation, and inactivation of histamine and other polyamines. 


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