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What should I look for when buying organ meats?Updated a year ago

Organ meats are nutritionally abundant and are packed with vitamins such as B12, Vitamin A, and essential minerals like Iron and copper. 

But, not all organ meats will be of the same quality and there are some key things to consider when shopping for organ meats - especially organ meat supplements, pills or tablets. 

Are the animals that the organs have come from 100% grass fed? 

Ensure that you buy organ meat from wild roaming grass fed animals. This will ensure that the animals have not been fed GMO crops or grains. 

Do not just rely on the term "grass fed" it must be 100% grass fed or pasture for life certified to ensure no other feeds are utilised. 

Are the animals free from antibiotics and hormones? Ensure that the supplier can confirm that the animals are free from antibiotics or hormones. If buying supplements - are they non-deffatted?

Make sure that the supplements are non-deffated to ensure optimal absorption of fat soluble vitamins. 

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