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Are your Organ Support Supplements Suitable for children?Updated a year ago

Our organ capsules are often regarded as 'supplements' (even though they're simply real food!). Therefore all supplements come with a warning to keep out of reach of children. 

Our organ supplements are made from real food (actual animal organs) that are simply freeze dried with nothing added or removed. Would you feed your child lamb liver or lamb heart? 

Good nutrition and nutrient dense foods are at the heart of supporting optimal health and growth of our children. Many of our customers have told us how they have successfully introduced organ supplements into their child's diet to support their thriving development. 

Some children happily swallow a capsule whereas some parents sprinkle the powder into a morning smoothie or a stew for instance. 

Remember, we advocate real food as the starting point but if you are struggling to introduce organ meat and offal or you need an option when travelling, our organ capsules are ideal. 

We recommend taking up to 6 capsules per day depending on your individual needs. 


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