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Collagen Creamers ( Vanilla & Creamy Cacao )

High-protein, Creamy Cacao & Velvety Vanilla Collagen Bovine Creamer from Grass-Fed EU cattle.

How should I use the creamers?

The creamers are great added to coffee, but you can also add to tea, smoothies, shakes or sprinkle on yoghurts. We recommend 2x heaped tablespoons per day, which can be spread throughout the day or all in one go. You can use the creamers at any time

What’s the difference between the collagen creamers and Hunter & Gather bovine collagen?

We use our award winning grass-fed bovine collagen peptides within our creamers and one serve of Collagen Creamer gives you a whopping 13,000mg ( 13g ) of bovine collagen per serve. Within our creamers, we also add Organic Coconut milk, natural vanil

Can I take collagen creamers alongside other collagens such as marine or bovine?

We do include a whopping 13,000mg (13g) of bovine collagen per serve (2 heaped tbsps.) in each of our creamers, however, should you wish to take marine collagen or more bovine collagen alongside, you are welcome to. You could for example have 1 heape

How should I store my collagen creamers?

Store the collagen creamer bags in a cool dark place. Once opened we recommend using before the best before date at the base of the bag and storing in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight.

What is glycine and why do you use it as an ingredient?

Glycine is an amino acid (which is present naturally in collagen). It can help support the stimulation of serotonin, supports the removal of toxins from the body and supports nerve signal transmission. Some also link glycine to help supporting sleep.

Are your Collagen Creamers unsweetened?

Technically they are unsweetened as there is no added sugar, fruit syrups or sweeteners however we do add glycine, which gives a slightly sweetness in taste (but this is an amino acid not a sweetener).

Are the flavours that you use natural?

Yes, absolutely! We only use natural flavours, without any sugar, seed oils or grains in the process.

Are the collagen creamer bags resealable?

Yes, the collagen creamer bags have a really handy and easy reseal.

Are the collagen creamer bags recyclable?

Yes, our collagen creamer bags are fully recyclable.

Do your collagen creamers come with a scoop?

As we aim to avoid single use plastics as much as possible, we do not use plastic scoops within any of our powder products. We do however give serving sizes based on tablespoons. 🥄 For the creamers we recommend 2 heaped tablespoons per day.

Can I use your MCT Powder and Collagen Creamer together?

Absolutely, you can use our creamers and MCT oil or MCT powders together - it’s a great way to benefit from collagen and MCT at the same time. We recommend up to 10g of MCT powder and 15ml of MCT Oil per day.

Is the Cacao that you use Raw?

Yes, we only use Raw and Organic Cacao that has been tested low Cadmium and is from beans sourced from South America and Africa.

Is the Cacao that you use natural?

Yes, the cacao powder is made from Organic Cacao beans, which are dried and ground physically without the use of solvents. It is non-irradiated and non-alkalized as well as being Non GMO.

Is the Cacao that you use tested for heavy metals?

Yes, our Organic Cacao is tested (each batch) to ensure that it is low Cadmium. We also test for yeasts, mould, salmonella, Sulphur and Sulphites. The cacao beans are also tested yearly for lead heavy metals.

What does low Cadmium mean?

Cadmium is a heavy metal and is not easily processed by the body and therefore accumulates with possible detrimental effects on the kidneys, lungs, bones, and foetal development.  Food (especially cacao and cocoa) can be a high source of cadmium depe

Could you use the Cacao Collagen Creamer before bed?

Yes, you can use the creamers at any time throughout the day. The main thing to remember with collagen is to ensure that you take it consistently each day. So the best time is the time that you are most likely to remember, be it your morning drink, a

How do you make the Organic Coconut Milk Powder used in your Collagen Creamers?

A bit like our MCT powder, To make a coconut milk powder, the raw organic coconut milk must be spray dried. In most cases this is onto a corn based maltodextrin, or other grain based ingredients. In most cases, you will find that these ingredients ar

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