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How do you make the Organic Coconut Milk Powder used in your Collagen Creamers?Updated 8 months ago

A bit like our MCT powder, To make a coconut milk powder, the raw organic coconut milk must be spray dried. In most cases this is onto a corn based maltodextrin, or other grain based ingredients. In most cases, you will find that these ingredients are not on the final product ingredients list as due to legislation that "processing aides" are not declared. For some companies, this means they can use cheap grain based processing aides without actually stating this on the pack. 

We always check all of our ingredients for any seed oils, grains, or refined sugars and therefore we have managed to find an Organic coconut milk powder that is not only free from E-numbers but also free from any grains. There is a very small amount of Cassava root used in the processing of the spray drying but it is very minimal and the total carbs of the product are still low per serve. Cassava is also Paleo and Low FODMAP.
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