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Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Avocado Oil

A pure avocado oil made with only 100% Non GMO Avocado. No blends of oils or cheap, unhealthy, inflammatory oils.

What is the benefit of using Avocado Oil instead of Vegetable Oils?

Industrially produced vegetable and seed oils (rapeseed, canola and sunflower oils) are high in polyunsaturated fats, which imbalances your Omega 3 - 6 ratio (which can lead to inflammation and chronic disease) it is estimated that our modern western

Do you use harmful chemicals to make your Avocado Oil?

Not at all! Our Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Avocado Oil is crafted from the finest hand gathered, hand sorted and perfectly ripened Kenyan avocados. Our oil is extracted using a single cold-pressed method, which ensures all the essential nutrients from

Why should you use Avocado Oil?

Our Extra Virgin Avocado Oil is cold pressed from perfectly ripe hand-picked Hass avocados that would normally go to waste in the Kenya export market simply because they are the wrong size, shape or colour. It is best to use Cold-pressed

Where is the expiration date on the Avocado Oil bottle?

You can find the expiration date of our Cold-Pressed, Extra-Virgin Avocado Oil at the bottom of the bottle, on the label next to the barcode. 🥑

Can you use Avocado Oil for high heat cooking?

Yes you can use Avocado Oil for high heat cooking! Not only is Avocado Oil delicious when drizzled as a cold oil, you can also cook, fry, roast and bake with avocado oil too. With a really high smoke point of 250C+, Avocado Oil is more resistant to

Is your Avocado Oil certified Organic?

I n short no... but here's why: The farmers that we source our avocados from adhere to organic principles such as: No pesticide use. No artificial fertilisers (they use cow manure). No added chemicals. We have had our oil laboratory tested for any

Why would you use Avocado Oil on your skin as a moisturiser?

Avocado oil makes the perfect all-natural moisturiser. It is packed with vitamin E, oleic acid and phytosterols. The oil itself can penetrate into the second layer of the skin (the dermis) and provide moisture support. Avocado oil which has been

Can you use Avocado Oil for baking?

Yes! You can bake with Avocado Oil and it makes for a super butter replacement for those with dairy allergies too 🥛 If you need 100g of butter, you replace with 100ml of oil - it's that simple 🙌

How do you use Avocado Oil?

You can use our Cold-Pressed, Extra-Virgin Avocado Oil in a number of ways 🥑 🔥 Hight Heat Cooking - Our Avocado Oil is perfect for high heat cooking! With a really high smoke point of 250C+, Avocado Oil is more resistant to oxidation when heating

What kind of avocados do you use and where do they come from?

Our Cold-Pressed, Extra-Virgin Avocado Oil is made from hand gathered and hand sorted Kenyan Hass Avocados 🥑 We are proud to work closely with small-scale farmers in Kenya who use the yield of their field to give back to and grow their local

Do your products contain healthy fats?

All fats aren’t created equal – far from it! Including the right kinds in our diet is vital to provide us with energy, essential fatty acids and to help us absorb other key nutrients. Our products here at Hunter & Gather are made from healthy fats