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Is your Avocado Oil certified Organic?Updated 2 years ago

I n short no... but here's why: The farmers that we source our avocados from adhere to organic principles such as: No pesticide use. No artificial fertilisers (they use cow manure). No added chemicals. We have had our oil laboratory tested for any traces of pesticides, for which there was none. DID YOU KNOW? 🤔 Avocados take the top spot on the Clean 15 list for the cleanest produce and a lack of pesticide contamination. Therefore we do not feel it is necessary to state 'o rganic' on our bottles as this is an additional cost to the farmers to gain 'o rganic' status when by default they are pesticide-free. It is very typical that 'organic avocado oil' is of lower quality for the price paid due to the additional certification and costs associated.
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