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What kind of avocados do you use and where do they come from?Updated 2 years ago

Our Cold-Pressed, Extra-Virgin Avocado Oil is made from hand gathered and hand sorted Kenyan Hass Avocados 🥑 We are proud to work closely with small-scale farmers in Kenya who use the yield of their field to give back to and grow their local community. These farmers form co-operatives that enable them to support each other, as well as improving selling and distribution prospects. What’s more, the money we provide goes towards paying for qualified agronomists (crop whisperer to you and me!) who assist and mentor farmers to help them get the most from their trees. The avocados that we use are the ones that are tossed away and discarded by the superficially and aesthetically oriented export market - meaning those that are thrown simply due to their colour, shape or size. This not only a huge waste of time and effort for the farmers, but also a devastating waste of nutrition! Things like sunburn, skin defects, superficial fly attack or even just being the wrong shape or size can be enough…
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