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How do you use Avocado Oil?Updated 2 years ago

You can use our Cold-Pressed, Extra-Virgin Avocado Oil in a number of ways 🥑 🔥 Hight Heat Cooking - Our Avocado Oil is perfect for high heat cooking! With a really high smoke point of 250C+, Avocado Oil is more resistant to oxidation when heating compared to Rapeseed (smoke point of roughly 190C), Sunflower Oil (smoke point of 230C) and even Coconut Oil (smoke point of 232C) 🥗 Drizzled over Salads - The antioxidant “carotenoids” in food need an oil base to be absorbed into the body and avocado oil helps to facilitate this process. A study found that adding Avocado Oil to a salad could significantly increase the absorption of alpha-carotene, beta-carotene, and lutein so start drizzling! 🧁 For Baking - You can bake with Avocado Oil and it makes for a super butter replacement for those with dairy allergies too. If you need 100g of butter, you replace with 100ml of oil - it's that simple! ✨ As a Moisturiser - Avocado Oil makes the perfect all natural moisturiser! It is packed with vitamin…
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