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Thrive Fuel MCT Oil ( C8 & C10 or Pure C8 )

Nourish Your Mind And Body, Turbo Power Your Mental Clarity with Organic Coconut MCT Oil

What is the typical MCT content of your Organic C8 (Thrive Fuel) 100% Coconut MCT Oil?

MCT Oil contains a mixture of medium-chain fatty acids. We offer two options of MCT oil, the Pure C8 (Thrive Fuel) and a C8 C10 option. The pure C8 is a more potent MCT oil & great for those looking to increase their ketone production, or for those

Will MCT Oil make me have diarrhoea or stomach pains?

When first starting to take MCT Oil, we recommend starting with 5ml per day and increasing up to 15 ml gradually. Coconut Oil is made up of various medium chain fats (C6, C8, C10 & C12). We only utilise C8 and C10 in our MCT Oils including our

What is the typical MCT content of your Organic 100% Coconut MCT Oil?

Our Organic MCT Oil contains a mixture of medium chain fatty acids. But the health benefits come mostly from the highly ketogenic C8 and C10 varieties, which is why Hunter & Gather MCT Oil contains these fatty acids. C8 - Caprylic Acid - 60% C10 -

What is the difference between MCT Oil and MCT Powder?

MCT Oil is in our opinion the purest source of medium chain fats. Our Hunter & Gather MCT Oil i s triple steam distilled for purity and is 100% from coconuts, no palm oil or rapeseed oils are used in the process and there are no bulkers, fillers, or

Will using MCT Oil help me lose weight?

We believe that following a real food diet free from refined sugars, grains and inflammatory oils is key for a healthier lifestyle. Combining this with movement, play, rest and good quality sleep is also important for optimal health and wellness. If

Is MCT Oil light sensitive like Avocado Oil and Olive Oil?

Great question! 🙌 We would only recommend using Avocado Oil or Olive Oil if it is protected in a dark glass bottle. We also ensure our labels are dark and cover as much of the Avocado Oil and Olive Oil bottles as possible. The difference with

Why is your MCT Oil in a glass see-through bottle is it not photosensitive?

Hunter & Gather Organic MCT Oil and Organic Coconut Oil is a saturated fat and more stable than other oils such as Avocado Oil and Olive Oil. Therefore, Coconut / MCT Oil does not need to be kept in a dark bottle. 🥥 You can find out more information

What should I do if MCT Oil makes my tummy feel sick?

We are so sorry that you are feeling a little sick/nauseous after introducing MCT Oil into your lifestyle. We would always recommend if you have not tried MCT Oil in the past to introduce it slowly into your daily routine. Start with 5ml per day and

Is your MCT oil Organic?

Yes, both of our MCT oil products are Organic Certified. We have a pure C8 or a C8 & C10 blend.

What are the benefits of taking MCT Oil? Is it just for those following Keto / Low Carb?

While MCT Oil is fantastic for those following the Ketogenic, Low Carb Lifestyle, it can also be used by people who are simply looking to up their daily dose of healthy fats and experience the benefits from this fantastic oil! There are so many

What is MCT Oil?

MCT stands for ‘Medium-Chain Triglyceride’ a type of fat found naturally in foods such as coconuts, palm oil and some dairy products. Medium Chain Triglycerides (or MCTs to you and me) are a sub-class of saturated fats, which have a different

How do I use MCT Oil?

Check out Jeff ( One of our Co-Founders) explain how you can use MCT Oil in your daily lifestyle and routine ➡️ here. 💡 Need some inspiration find our amazing recipes using MCT Oil  on our website.