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What is the difference between MCT Oil and MCT Powder?Updated 2 years ago

MCT Oil is in our opinion the purest source of medium chain fats. Our Hunter & Gather MCT Oil i s triple steam distilled for purity and is 100% from coconuts, no palm oil or rapeseed oils are used in the process and there are no bulkers, fillers, or flow agents! Liquid MCT Oil has an oily texture and can be poured into coffee, smoothies, salads, or shakes. Take a look at some recipe ideas here. To create a powdered form of MCT Oil, MCT Oil is spray dried onto a carrier - such as maltodextrin, tapioca flour, corn, or soy lecithin. It is important to understand what carrier is used as this could impact the carbohydrate levels and purity of the product. 👎 These carriers themselves are rarely disclosed on the ingredients list - so be sure to ask if you are unsure.
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