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Will MCT Oil make me have diarrhoea or stomach pains?Updated 2 years ago

When first starting to take MCT Oil, we recommend starting with 5ml per day and increasing up to 15 ml gradually. Coconut Oil is made up of various medium chain fats (C6, C8, C10 & C12). We only utilise C8 and C10 in our MCT Oils including our Organic C8 (Thrive Fuel) 100% Coconut MCT Oil and our Organic C8 C10 100% Coconut MCT Oil. C6 MCT (Caproic acid) is also present in coconut oil, however, it has been noted that C6 can cause an unpleasant taste and stomach pains/discomfort. Choose an MCT Oil that is either pure C8 or a C8 and C10 blend. Many companies utilise MCT Oil that has come as a byproduct from the beauty industry with harsh hexane chemicals to remove the C12 (Lauric Acid). MCT Oils that have been processed with chemicals can cause stomach upset. Be sure to choose an MCT Oil that is triple steam distilled (like ours!) - if the company cannot tell you how the MCT Oil is made, do not use it and find an alternative instead.
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