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Bovine Collagen Sachets

High-quality, grass-fed Collagen Peptides Bovine Protein Sachets from EU cattle; a pure, single-ingredient, unflavoured formula that blends easily with food and drinks.

Why did you launch Collagen sachets into your Collagen range?

You asked we listened! 👏. These handy travel-sized collagen sachets are perfect to take with you on the go. Easy to fit in your bag the collagen comes in individual sealed sachets ensuring no spillages. Each sachet holds 6.5g (6,500mg) of Bovine Col

Are the Collagen sachets recyclable?

Unfortunately, we are so sorry the sachets are not recyclable. We looked at multiple options and did lots of tests however the seals were not up to the high standard and quality we look for when producing a product. We can confirm that they are BPA-f

What is the correct dosage when using the Collagen sachets?

Great question! 👏. Each sachet holds 6.5g (6,500mg) of Bovine Collagen. We recommend taking 13g per day - 2 sachets = 1 daily serving. These can be taken together or split during the day for example one in the morning and one in the evening. Why not

Is the Bovine Collagen in the sachets the same as the Bovine Collagen in the 400g bag?

Yes, it is! 👏. The Bovine Collagen in our handy "on the go" sachets is the exact same collagen within our larger 400g bag. Our Bovine collagen comes from European grass-fed cattle free from GMO feeds & antibiotics. It is comprised of Type 1 and Type

How many Bovine Collagen sachets come in a box?

Each box of collagen comes with 30 sachets which is 15 days' supply. Each individual sachet contains 6.5g (6500mg). We recommend taking 2 sachets per day which totals our recommended dose of 13g per day. We hope that this helps! 🙌

How long can you keep the Collagen sachets?

You will find a "Best Before Date" located both on the box the sachets are stored in and the individual sachet. We recommend storing the collagen away from direct moisture.

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