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Avocado Oil Mayonnaise ( Classic, Garlic & Chipotle )

A sugar free mayonnaise made with only Avocado Oil.

Are the chickens who produce the eggs for your Avocado Oil Mayonnaise fed GMO feed?

Absolutely not! With our unwillingness to compromise on quality, and desire to question conventional wisdom in all that we do, we sought out the finest, award winning egg supplier in the land. We use the finest award-winning British Free Range Egg

Why do you use Avocado Oil in your Mayonnaise?

The oil in our mayonnaise is cold-pressed from the flesh of the avocado. High in monounsaturated fatty acids, it is non-inflammatory and has a subtle creamy flavour. 🥑 Monounsaturated Fats – These are often termed ‘heart healthy’ fats as they work

Why is Hunter & Gather Avocado Oil Mayonnaise good for you?

Hunter & Gather 100% Avocado Oil Mayonnaise is a little more evolved than your average mayonnaise!. Hunter & Gather Mayonnaise are all: 🍬 Sugar Free 🌾 Gluten Free 🥛 Dairy Free 🙅‍♀️ Mustard Free ⚙️ Free From Industrial Vegetable and Seed Oils such

Why should I avoid mayonnaise made with Rapeseed (Canola) or Sunflower Oils?

There is a growing body of evidence and blogs that supports the avoidance of industrial inflammatory oils in our diets, such as Rapeseed (also known as Canola) or Sunflower Oil. Many believe that these oils are contributing to modern diseases

Does Hunter & Gather Avocado Oil Mayonnaise have to be kept in the fridge?

Our mayo's are ambient (therefore do not need to be kept in the fridge until they are opened). Once opened keep them in the top door of the fridge to avoid them getting too cold! Consume within 4 weeks of opening or before the use by date as printed

Are all of your Avocado Oil Mayonnaise gluten-free?

Yes, not only are all of our Avocado Oil Mayonnaise gluten-free but all of our products are as well! Whether it is your kitchen staples or your daily supplements, we want to provide you options that are always free from sugars, grains, gluten and

Is your Avocado Oil Mayonnaise dairy-free?

Yes they are! Our full range of Avocado Oil Mayonnaise 🥑 is dairy-free, even our Egg Free Olive Oil Mayo is too 🫒

What allergens are in your Avocado Oil Mayonnaise?

Our Avocado Oil Mayonnaise is made with the goodness of 8 avocados per 175g jar but without sugar, grains, seed oils, mustard or any of the top 14 allergens! Take a look at our Egg Free Olive Oil Mayo if you would like an egg-free alternative. What

What is your Mayonnaise recipe?

We use a base of 4 real food ingredients for our Classic Mayonnaise such as: 🥑 Avocado Oil 🍳 British Free Range Egg yolk (from St Ewe Farms) 🍎 Apple Cider Vinegar 🧂 Pink Himalayan Salt With our flavoured mayos we use the same base ingredients

Where is the expiration date on the Avocado Oil Mayonnaise jars?

You can find the expiration date of our Avocado Oil Mayonnaise on the edge of the jar lids 🥑

Why do you not use Organic Avocado Oil?

Avocado's are the #1 produce on the Clean Fifteen list meaning there is little concern for pesticide residue as they're rarely used (if at all) for these super robust fruits! To source organic Avocados would mean sourcing from monocrop style larger

How long does Hunter & Gather Mayonnaise last?

Our mayo's are ambient (therefore do not need to be kept in the fridge until they are opened). Once opened keep them in the top door of the fridge to avoid them getting too cold - try to ensure your fridge doesn't go below 4 degrees 🥶. Consume

What is in Hunter & Gather Avocado Oil Mayo?

We wanted to ensure that we didn't compromise on that much-loved Classic Mayo taste in our pursuit to create a Real Food, Mayonnaise. So we used only quality, natural and delicious ingredients – and we think we’ve nailed it! 👊 Our 4 Real Food

What makes your Avocado Oil Mayonnaise suitable for the Keto Diet?

When searching for an approved mayo, be sure not to just check the macros but also the ingredients of the mayonnaise itself. Rapeseed oil (Canola), Sunflower Oil and sugar should be avoided! Vegetable and Seed oils are inflammatory and we believe are

Help, my mayonnaise has split / turned oily & runny!

We hear your cries, and we're here for you. Through no other intervention but Mother Nature herself, our Mayo is susceptible to splitting if subjected to extremely cold temperatures 🥶 But all is not lost, in fact - some things are gained! Our Mayo

How should I store Hunter & Gather Mayonnaise?

Prior to opening, store your Mayonnaise in a cool and dry place out of sunlight ☀️ We advise against storing it in the fridge until you open it (or just before). Once opened, pop it in the fridge door at the top (condiments section) which is the part

Are all of your Mayonnaise suitable for FODMAP diets?

Hello Fodmappers! 👋 You will be super pleased to hear that you are able to have both the Classic Avocado Oil Mayonnaise as it is made with simply 4 ingredients and our Chipotle Chilli and Lime. We do not use any garlic or onion in these recipes and

Are the eggs that you use in your products genuine British Free Range?

You bet they are! 🥚🍳 Not many mayo's use Britsh eggs you know... But we choose to source our eggs from the super happy hens that are free to roam through protected pastures that include trees and foliage (to replicate the natural habitat of the

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