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Why do you use Avocado Oil in your Mayonnaise?Updated a year ago

The oil in our mayonnaise is cold-pressed from the flesh of the avocado. High in monounsaturated fatty acids, it is non-inflammatory and has a subtle creamy flavour. 🥑 

Monounsaturated Fats – These are often termed ‘heart healthy’ fats as they work in the body to increase levels of HDL or ‘good’ cholesterol and lower levels of LDL or ‘bad’ cholesterol.

 We all need fat in our diets, and the fats present in avocados are some of the healthiest around. Oleic Acid – A type of monounsaturated fatty acid that has been shown to lower blood pressure, protect cells from free radical damage and increase fat oxidation. 

Ratio of fats – Our avo oil has an impressive fatty acid profile, consisting of 70% monounsaturated, 16% saturated and only 14% polyunsaturated fats. 

All oils contain a combination of fatty acids, but avocado oil has one of the healthiest ratios of fats with a higher monounsaturated fat percentage. 

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