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Why should I avoid mayonnaise made with Rapeseed (Canola) or Sunflower Oils?Updated a year ago

There is a growing body of evidence and blogs that support the avoidance of industrial inflammatory oils in our diets, such as Rapeseed (also known as Canola) or Sunflower Oil. 

Many believe that these oils are contributing to modern diseases (through inflammation) that are becoming more prevalent in modern times. 

There are a number of reasons why we believe rapeseed, sunflower, and vegetable oils should be avoided completely (not solely in mayonnaise): 

1) Industrially produces seed oils have only been present in our diets for a few hundred years, comparing this to the years of human evolution - this is a very short amount of time indeed. Rapeseed oil was originally used as engine lubricant and was toxic for human consumption ⚙️

 2) These highly processed Seed and Vegetable Oils are often extracted using strong chemical solvents or hexanes, to produce a higher yield of oil. Some oils are also treated with deodorising chemicals or colourants too - with residual levels of chemicals present. 

 3) They are often derived from genetically modified crops. 

 4) When industrial Seed and Vegetable Oils are repeatedly heated even more toxic by-products are created they become trans and hydrogenated fats, releasing oxidizing free radicals into our system. 

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