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Who are Jeff and Amy?

Jeff and Amy are our wonderful Co-Founders here at Hunter & Gather, as well as partners in real life! They are on a mission to create healthy, nutrient dense products for you to enjoy 🙌 At Hunter & Gather, we actively champion honest, tasty and

What is your environmental impact?

We love the world and really care about the impact we have as a business on both the planet and it's people. 🌏. We not only want you to be the best version of yourself but as a business, we also want to tread as lightly as possible on the environmen

What are your Values?

Our Values are in the DNA of Hunter & Gather. Our Promise to You. Our promise is to always be free from sugar, grains and inflammatory fats " No Sugar, No Grains and No Harmful Fats:. You can trust us to provide you with products that are grain-free

What is B Corp and why did Hunter & Gather want it?

Great Question! 👏You might have heard about lots of discussions about B-Corp as well as brands you know and love announcing that they are officially a certified B-Corp - but what does it mean exactly?B-Lab are a nonprofit network founded to transfor

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