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Who are Jeff and Amy?Updated 2 years ago

Jeff and Amy are our wonderful Co-Founders here at Hunter & Gather, as well as partners in real life! They are on a mission to create healthy, nutrient dense products for you to enjoy 🙌 At Hunter & Gather, we actively champion honest, tasty and nutrient dense food and supplements that are free from refined sugars, grains and inflammatory oils - such as seed or vegetable oils. We love great fats such as coconut, avocado, ghee, tallow & grass fed butter - you will see some of these utilised throughout our range too. Eating real food free from grains, sugars & seed oils has been revolutionary for Amy & Jeff on their own pursuit of Optimal Health and they want to share this knowledge & way of life with others. You can find out more about Amy and Jeff on our About Us Page Here.
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