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What is your environmental impact?Updated 4 months ago

We love the world and really care about the impact we have as a business on both the planet and it's people. 🌏 

We not only want you to be the best version of yourself but as a business, we also want to tread as lightly as possible on the environment. 

How do we do this: 

We use glass jars and bottles with paper labels. 

We pack all of our customer orders in cardboard boxes and packing paper. 

We purchase oil made from avocados that would be wasted from export trade. They may be too small, too large, weird shaped or have a slight sunburn (all which does not affect the oil from the flesh). 

We love that we can use something that would go to waste. 

Our oil is pressed in country so that as little room as possible is required for transport. We then bottle the oil in the UK and this helps reduce carbon emissions rather than transporting glass bottles. 

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