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Unsweetened Sauces ( Classic Tomato, BBQ, Spicy Chipotle & Sriracha Hot Sauce )

Made in the UK and comes in a BPA free, recyclable, squeezy bottle.

Where should we keep the sauces when unopened?

Please keep all sauces in a dark cool cupboard and out of direct sunlight before opening – once opened refrigerate and eat up within 6 weeks or by the use by date, whichever comes first.

How long does the sauce last once open?

Once you have opened your Unsweetened Classic Ketchup, BBQ, Spicy Chipotle Ketchup, or Sriracha Hot Sauce we advise you to store it in the refrigerator for up to 6 weeks or the best before date, whichever comes first. We hope that helps!.

Where is the Best Before Date on the bottle?

You can find the "Best Before Date" on the side of the bottle of sauces where it should be printed.

Why do your sauces cost more than others?

Our Unsweetened Sauce range is made with quality ingredients (that you can pronounce) and absolutely no added sugar (both refined AND natural sugars) or sweeteners. They are handmade in the UK in small batches and we pay a fair wage.   We also are ha

Are the sauces suitable for children to eat?

In one word yes! 👏 We only believe in real food which is for everyone. As our sauces are unsweetened they are an awesome swap to other sugar-filled sauces on the market.

Where are your tomatoes (For the sauces) from?

Our delicious vine ripened tomatoes are grown in sunny Greece, they are non-GMO and free from any additives or artificial preservatives.

Will you make other sauces in the future?

We love to give you the tools to thrive and are committed that all that we produce are free from refined sugars, grains, and inflammatory seed oils. As you can imagine it takes a lot of time and funds to create new real food products however we are

Can you use the sauces as marinades?

What a great idea! 🌟 The Classic Ketchup, Spicy Chipotle, and BBQ Sauces are great for marinating fish or meat. We have lots of interesting recipes on our website for you to try, why not go and take a look? Recipes 👨‍🍳 Don't forget to tag us in

What do you use to sweeten your sauces?

It's amazing isn't it that you can have awesome sauces with no added sugar, dates, or sweeteners. 🤭 We only use organic tomatoes which have an incredible richness and depth to their flavour - simply put they are not bland and watery like others

What parts of the tomatoes do you use to make your sauces?

The majority of the tomato comes from tomato puree which is free from seeds and skin. Then a small amount comes from chopped tomatoes (which helps stop the mix from being too thick). The chopped tomatoes can have a very small amount of seed and skin

Help! The cap won't come off and I can't get my sauce out. 😱

Our Easy Peasy BBQ & Spicy Chipotle Squeezy have flip tops but do make sure you have unscrewed the sauce bottle and taken the tamper seal off. To open our Sriracha Hot Sauce unscrew the sauce bottle take the tamer seal off then screw the lid rather t

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