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The Real Food Lifestyle

What are 'Good Fats'?

Those that try to stay up to date with the latest health news, are still often confused about nutrition research findings and recommendations. One of the most controversial breakthroughs in recent years was that fat could be good for us. That’s right

What is the Keto Diet?

A keto diet and lifestyle are quite simple and really effective for optimising health for many. Far from a fad diet promising miracle cures – scientists have gathered heaps of research to demonstrate just how it works and why it could be beneficial

Do you give nutritional advice?

We would love to be able to give all our customers one-to-one nutritional advice. However, as much as our Co-founders Amy, Jeff, and the Hunter & Gather team has lots of knowledge and experience about different lifestyles including Keto, Paleo

Are all of your products Gluten-Free?

Too right! We believe that the vast majority of people can benefit from a gluten-free lifestyle or as we call it, a ’Real Food Lifestyle’. Gluten is a very common allergen with extreme issues caused for those with Coeliac disease and Gluten

Do you have any Vegan-Friendly products?

Yes we do! 👏. Our vegan-friendly products include: ✌️ Egg-Free Mayo 🥑 Cold-Pressed, Extra-Virgin Avocado Oil 🥥 100% Coconut MCT Oil 🫒 Extra Virgin Olive Oil 🍅 Sauces 🙌 Greek Olive Oil Dressing. Check them out here under Plant-Based!

Does Hunter & Gather use any fillers, bunkers or artificial sweeteners?

Our award-winning nutrient dense range was created with your optimal health & wellness in mind, so that you have the choices, tools & encouragement to thrive. Whether it is your kitchen staples or your daily supplements, we want to provide you

What is the Paleo / Real Food Lifestyle?

Often hailed as a return to our ancestral roots, the Paleo lifestyle offers more than just a dietary regime; it's a holistic approach aimed at aligning modern habits with those of our pre-agricultural ancestors. At its core, the Paleo diet seeks to e

Cold Pressed Rapeseed Oil is Good. Or is it?

We are often asked about our position on cold-pressed rapeseed or other cold-pressed seed oils. In short, we do not actively recommend any cold-pressed seed oils and instead choose to recommend fruit-based oils and traditional fats that have both fea

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