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Is your Tallow 100% Grass Fed?Updated 5 months ago

Whilst we cannot fully guarantee that the cows are never fed supplementary feed such as hay, silage (pasture grass that has been pickled through natural fermentation), or crop residue from home farms (arguably the most regenerative system available due to the cows upcycling abilities), we can guarantee they are never fed soya or GMO crops!

Unlike many other farming systems, organic cows spend much of their lives outdoors where they can graze naturally on a diet of grass and clover.

  • By law, cows must be at pasture whenever conditions allow, over 200 days on average – ‘Zero-grazing’, where cows are kept indoors and fed cut grass or other feeds like soya, is banned under organic standards.

  • When they must go indoors because of bad weather, all cows must be housed in well-bedded, spacious yards. 

  • Organic cows eat mainly grass – organic standards require a minimum of 60% forage in their diets.

  • As organic dairy cows are not given the same concentrated feed as many non-organic cows, they tend to have much better health and welfare!

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