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I have been told Tallow is good for fat loss. Is this True?Updated 5 months ago

Organic Grass Fed Beef Tallow is unqiue in that it contains both CLA and Stearic Acid which have been shown to be associated with fat loss.

CLA: In a review and meta-analysis (2020) over 6–16 weeks, the natural trans fat (not to be confused with industrial trans fat) significantly reduced body weight, BMI, and total body fat of the women subjects. When combining CLA with exercise, research has shown a reduction in body fat and an increase in insulin sensitivity in the absence of body weight reduction. This suggests an increase in muscle mass and improvement in metabolism. 

STEARIC ACID: One of the most interesting things about stearic acid is its ability to increase mitochondrial fusion. This is when mitochondria merge increasing efficiency and energy production which in turn improves the resilience of a cell. 

Stearic acid also increases the insulin sensitivity of fat cells and shrinks them.

The more insulin-sensitive cells are, the more regulated blood sugar remains reducing the inflammatory and oxidising effects of chronically elevated blood sugar. Saturated fats also help increase the secretion of glucagon, an appetite suppressor, known as the ‘fat-burning hormone’ because it increases energy expenditure and thermogenesis (body heat).

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