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How much Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) is in your "Perform" Liver & Heart Capsules?Updated a year ago

In all honesty, we are still awaiting a specific test for the CoQ10 levels however this is something we are looking into doing for sure. 

There is roughly 0.5g of the freeze-dried liver & heart per heart capsule and that equates to 10x the amount in raw heart - 5g. You could therefore use this to base your calculations on the CoQ10 however we have chosen not to state a level on our packaging until we have the full results. 

We do have lab tests completed on every batch to cover things like toxins and heavy metals. Lab tests have been completed for the vitamins and minerals present in our organ supplement range including Liver, Liver & Heart, and Kidney. 

Also, keep in mind that freeze-dried organ supplements provide a highly bioavailable source of vitamins and minerals and are readily utilised by the body vs. synthetic vitamins. 

Please drop a message to our customer support team at [email protected] who will send you a full breakdown of all the vitamins and minerals present. 🙌

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