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Can you take Marine Collagen when pregnant or breastfeeding?Updated 2 months ago

Our Marine Collagen is a real food, pure protein source. Our promise is to make our products free from refined sugars, grains, inflammatory oils - such as seed or vegetable oils, chemicals, and artificial preservatives. 

We are sadly unable to give individualised advice in relation to supplements during pregnancy or when breastfeeding. 

We would recommend that you discuss this with your midwife or doctor if you are unsure and have any questions. 

Pauline Cox at Sow and Arrow is a nutritionist who is very familiar with our products we are sure she would be able to help you with this too. You can visit her website here if you would like to contact her. 👍

Amy our co-founder went live with the one & only @Paulinejcox to talk all things COLLAGEN!

 They got down to the nitty-gritty, answered your key questions, debunk those collagen myths - and explained the many amazing benefits of collagen! 

You can read here if it would be of interest. 

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