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Can you drink Thrive Coffee if not on keto?Updated 4 months ago

Yes, absolutely. While Thrive Coffee is great for those on the ketogenic diet, it’s definitely not exclusive. Drinking a quality coffee loaded with MCTs and saturated fat like butter is a great way to start the day - firstly from an energy and cognition perspective. 

MCTs are a highly absorbable fat source that’s rapidly metabolised in the liver, providing a quick source of energy for the brain, promoting energy production and potential systemic metabolic benefits. One study suggested that MCT oil could supply the brain with up to 8-9% more energy. 

This can contribute to increased focus and mental clarity. The other benefit of MCTs is that they don’t need to be broken down by bile and digestive enzymes so they’re beneficial to those who struggle to digest other forms of fats, including anyone with conditions tied to malabsorption problems, digestive disorders like leaky gut and gallbladder issues.

A key reason why you might want to try drinking Thrive Coffee even if you’re not on a keto diet, is to do with cortisol and blood sugar balance - particularly if you tend to start your day with coffee before breakfast. It’s widely understood that caffeine will spike cortisol levels (the stress hormone) which can also increase blood glucose levels. However, the high levels of fat in Thrive Coffee will buffer this spike, helping to sustain balanced blood sugar. 

You may also choose to add our bovine or marine collagen peptides to your coffee, which will help to mitigate spikes in cortisol and blood sugar.

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