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Can I add a “one-time” item to my next subscription delivery, so I don’t need to pay additional postage?Updated a year ago

Yes, you can add a one-time item to any of your deliveries. One-time items are not on a repeat delivery and therefore will only be sent to you once. 

As they are non-subscription items, they will be priced at the RRP. To get a subscription saving on these items (add them as a repeat subscription item instead of a one-time). One-time items are great if you want to try something new, buy something for a friend, or if you are unsure if you want to subscribe just yet. 

To add a One-Time only item to your next Subscription delivery: Head to the subscription you would like to add your one-time item to and click on "Add". 

Search for the item "Add" and choose "One-time Purchase" then save by clicking "Add to Subscription" 

This item will then be added to your chosen subscription for this one order only. 

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