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Why has the price of my subscription increased?

We may sometimes have to adjust the price of our products when, for example, ingredient prices increase. While the price of the product/s may be increased on our website for one time purchasers and for new subscribers, typically an existing

Can I add new products to an existing subscription?

That’s great you want to explore more of the Hunter & Gather range of products 🚀. You can add items as a one-time purchase at the full RRP or, you can add additional items on a repeat subscription with a 10% discount ongoing.To add a new item/s clic

Can I set up multiple products on different frequencies?

Yes, you can set up different subscriptions for different products on separate repeat order frequencies (2,4,6, or 8 week intervals). So, you can have multiple items on different delivery schedules to suit what works best for you.To set up a new subs

Can I change the date of my next subscription?

To see all your subscriptions in one place, head to the “Subscriptions” tab on the left-hand side of your dashboard (or in the dropdown at top if on mobile). At the top, this will show you the upcoming dates of all of your subscriptions.To change a p

Can I remove a product from my subscription?

You can easily remove a product from your subscription by heading to the “Subscriptions” tab, click on the subscription you want to edit, click “Edit” under the product you want to remove. A pop up will appear and if you scroll to the bottom you can

How do I add a promotion code or Loyalty Code?

Amazing, you have a code to redeem! Head to the Subscription that you want to add this discount or loyalty code to. You can find all your Subscriptions in the “Subscriptions” Tab on the left-hand side (or in the dropdown at top if on mobile). Once yo

Can I add all the products onto your Subscription service?

You can add your favourite Hunter & Gather products onto a repeat subscription and build your own delivery bundle at whatever frequencies you choose.Don't forget with our subscriptions you get 10% off each item, free UK delivery on orders over £30, a

Can I cancel or edit my subscription?

Yes, of course, we don't tie you down to lengthy subscription clauses or horrible t's and c's! 🥴 You can cancel your subscription at any time along with amending the delivery schedule, skip an item or skip an order.How to cancel: In your Subscriptio

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