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Bovine vs Marine Collagen - What's the difference?Updated 2 months ago

The main difference between Bovine and Marine Collagen are the types of Collagen they contain and the source of where the collagen comes from. 

Our Bovine collagen comes from European cattle and is comprised of Type 1 and Type 3 Collagen, which are both abundant in the human body, but Type 1 is predominant. 

Our Marine Collagen comes from Wild Caught Whitefish and is comprised of Type 1 Collagen. 

Both of our Bovine and Marine Collages are free from antibiotics, hormones & GMO feeds. 

Bovine Collagen is great if you are looking for an "allrounder" collagen source and your lifestyle or intolerances allow the inclusion of Beef. You may also choose Bovine over Marine if you have an allergy/intolerance to fish or shellfish. Bovine is great to support, skin, hair, nail, bone, joint, and gut health too. 

Marine Collagen could be used if you have allergies or intolerances to beef or as a lifestyle choice you prefer to avoid products from cattle. Marine collagen is also great for those who wish to really target their skin, hair, or nail health. 
You can also take Bovine and Marine collagen together for an added Type 1 collagen boost if you wish we just advise you to stick to the 13g per day recommend serving. (Which is approximately two-level tablespoons). 
In our "Learn" section on our website, we have some great articles that go into depth about the differences and which collagen might be the best suited to your needs please check out


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