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Egg Free Mayo ( Classic, Basil Pesto, Garlic & Sriracha )

An egg & sugar free mayo made with only real ingredients. No blends of oils or cheap, unhealthy, inflammatory oils.

What do you use instead of eggs?

We have swapped the egg yolks (that we use in our egg-based mayo range) for potato starch. A resistant starch that has a low impact to your blood sugar levels.

What oil is used to make the mayo?

We only use 100% olive oil from Spain. It’s a light olive oil that is hexane and solvent free, being pressed by mechanical means and with no chemical extraction.

Are the mayos Organic?

The Egg Free Mayos are not Organic, however we do lab test each batch of oil before using to test for heavy metals, toxins and pesticide levels.

Are the Egg Free Mayos paleo or Keto friendly?

The Egg Free Mayos are Keto friendly, due to the great healthy fat content, no added sugar and low carbs. As potato starch is a resistant starch, it is widely accepted on a keto lifestyle as an ingredient. The jury is out on whether the potato is

Do the mayos contain any allergens?

Our egg free mayos are made without any of the top 14 allergens! We do however encourage you to read the full ingredients list (we list out each herb, spice, etc) so you can make your own decision on whether the recipe is right for you personally.

Where are the mayos made?

All of our condiments are made in the UK.

Are these mayos suitable for diabetics?

Yes, with less than 0.6g of sugar per 100g these mayos are low in sugar and suitable for diabetics.

Why have you launched an egg free mayo?

We understand that some of our customers are unable to eat eggs due to intolerances or preference and we wanted everyone to be able to enjoy a healthier mayo without any of the top 14 allergens or added nasties that other companies use (Artificial

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