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Would you see any results if taking Rise & Glow if I have acne or scarring?Updated 7 months ago

Everyone is different, so we’re not in a position to confirm whether or not the product will specifically improve acne and scarring. We also haven’t specifically tested the product in those kinds of skin cases. It’s also important to understand that there can be so many underlying causes of acne, so this product is unlikely to completely solve things for you. However, in terms of the ingredients that we’ve used and their individual benefits on skin regeneration and lowering inflammation, there is every chance that this product will help to support.

2019 study looked at a similar collagen peptide product which also contained vitamin C, acerola, and some additional nutrients (not included in our product) used by women aged 35+. Within 12 weeks, the women saw an improvement in skin hydration, skin roughness, and density. As collagen supports skin firmness, which can firm up the skin around your pores, reducing the size of pores, and helping with healing. However, there is no specific research to show that collagen specifically helps with acne. 

Nevertheless, hyaluronic acid has been shown to have antibacterial and wound healing properties - both of which may well contribute towards reducing the severity of acne breakouts. 

Furthermore, vitamin C (found in acerola, baobab, hibiscus, and other ingredients in Rise & Glow) has anti-inflammatory properties that help control sebum production within the skin that may further support acne.

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