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Why have you chosen to include Glycine* in the recipe?Updated a month ago

According to this study, by adding amino acids to an electrolyte solution, it became even more effective at rehydrating than using glucose (which speeds up rehydration via increased absorption through the gut). It was superior in a number of ways to the sugar-free version and equal if not better than to the glucose version:

  1. Enhanced speed of rehydration

  2. Better sodium/chloride balance (quicker recovery)

  3. Better potassium balance

  4. Lower urine output over 5 hrs post-exercise (hence quicker rehydration). The kidneys were happy with what was coming in and they didn't need to dump water - more evidence of that was that despite higher levels of sodium in the drink, that didn't show up in urine)

Most sports beverages contain sodium concentrations of ~20 mmol/L = 460 mg/L sodium. But these levels are low and the results in previous research have demonstrated hit-and-miss rehydration results. This new study shows greater than 40 mmol/L is better for rehydration which is 920 mg/L of sodium.

(*only available in flavoured versions)

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