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Why do you not have type 2 and type 4 Collagen?Updated a year ago

Our Pure Bovine Collagen comes from the hide of cattle which only contains Type I and Type 3 collagen. 

It's common to find this type of collagen in powder form to add to drinks or food. Type 2 Collagen from Bovine comes from tendons and we personally have tried this but the taste is so strong, that it would need to be in a capsule form rather than powder (in our opinion) - hence why we do not mix this with the collagen from the hide which is very neutral in flavour. 

For us to achieve all types of Collagen in one blend you would have to mix the different Collagen types such as Chicken Collagen (where Type II is predominately found), Tendon, and Bovine Collagen together, which at the moment would not be the best in terms of taste. 

It is something that could be done in a capsule and may well be something we look at in the future. 🙌

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