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Why are the berries organic but the whole product isn’t organic?Updated 7 months ago

We chose to use organic certified berries (blueberry, raspberry & blackcurrant) mainly due to the lack of high-quality non-organic options available. 

We only use non-organic options when the ingredients are lab-tested for pesticides and do not contain any additional bulkers or fillers (like our avocado oil for example) as well as this being better for the environment (avoiding mono-crops for example). We were only able to find organic berries that met our strict criteria. 

With the marine collagen, because the fish are “wild-caught” it’s not possible to get organic certified marine collagen. We also do not use farmed fish. As the product is made up mostly of marine collagen — which is not a certified organic product  we cannot call the full product ‘organic’. 

We do, however, lab-test our marine collagen.  

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