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Should I Order from your Website or on Amazon?Updated 2 months ago

Our aim is to enable you all to have the tools you need to thrive, so we want you to be able to find us in your local health shop, Deli, online or on Amazon - whichever is most convenient for you. Whilst we would love for you to order from our awesome Hunter & Gather website, we do understand if you want to shop via Amazon or other site. 

The benefits of shopping on our website are that you can Subscribe and Save on every order, earn Thrive Reward Points for discounts and we have Free Delivery over £45. You can also access free recipes, articles and Ebooks on the website too. 

If you do decide to shop on Amazon, you will find most of our items as well as some different bundles, plus if you are a Prime Account holder you can take advantage of next-day delivery!

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