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Is your Collagen made in the UK from British cattle?Updated a year ago

Transparency is one of our founding principles and as such, we refuse to use the term '100% Grass Fed’ or 'Made in UK' on our packaging that could be misleading to our customers. 

The cattle are indeed fed grass and are pasture raised on the lush and rich pastures in France. However, during our search to source the finest Collagen Peptides, we couldn't find any source that could assure that no supplementary feeds are used during the colder winter months. 

This is a fact worldwide and as such, any Collagen that states 100% Grass-Fed is in our opinion simply untrue. We can be sure that the cattle do not receive hormones, unnecessary antibiotic treatment, or GMO feed, however, especially being from European cattle only. 

Many Collagen's on the market are sourced from South American Cattle, so do be cautious with the standards of welfare and testing of the finished product. 

What's more, at this moment in time, we believe there is absolutely no collagen available that is from British cattle. 

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