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Can I use Rise & Glow if I'm on HRT medication?Updated 7 months ago

There might be a very minor chance that the potency of oestrogen therapy increases if you use Rise & Glow concurrently with HRT based on the Vitamin C content. 

Increases in plasma oestrogen levels of up to 55% have occurred under some circumstances when vitamin C is taken concurrently with oral contraceptives or hormone replacement therapy. It is suggested that vitamin C prevents oxidation of oestrogen in the tissues, regenerates oxidised oestrogen, and reduces sulphate conjugation of oestrogen in the gut wall. 

When tissue levels of vitamin C are high, these processes are already maximised and supplemental vitamin C does not have any effect on oestrogen levels. However, increases in plasma oestrogen levels may occur when women who are deficient in Vitamin C take supplements.

We need to highlight that, as it is what the research shows. However, that research has been using synthetic high strength vitamin C. 

As the Rise & Glow product is not a high-strength vitamin C supplement, the chances of these effects being significant are unlikely.

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