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Can I set up multiple products on different frequencies?Updated a year ago

Yes, you can set up different subscriptions for different products on separate repeat order frequencies (2,4,6, or 8 week intervals). So, you can have multiple items on different delivery schedules to suit what works best for you.

To set up a new subscription frequency, click “Explore New Products” Choose an item you want on the new frequency, click the arrow next to the next subscription date, and choose “New Order – Ships Asap”, confirm you want a subscription rather than one-time and also choose your new order frequency of repeat orders for this product.

This will set up a new subscription item on a new frequency with the first order date being the next day. Should you want to delay this date – see the question below on how to amend dates.

Should you want more than one product on this new frequency, repeat the above steps for each new item you want to add.

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