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Can Collagen be added to hot & cold drinks?Updated 4 months ago

Collagen is a wonderful addition to a healthy lifestyle with loads of benefits for your whole body, inside and out. As we get older, our natural collagen production declines, so supplementing with hydrolysed Marine or Bovine collagen is a great way to ensure that you're boosting your collagen levels and supporting your optimal health. 

Both our Marine & Bovine Collagen has been "Hydrolysed" meaning it has already been broken down for bio-availability. You are able to utilise collagen that's been hydrolysed, in hot and cold drinks as well as food without "degenerating" or "damaging" the collagen or the amino acids present. 

We personally love adding it to our morning fat coffee with MCT oil every day. ☕️

Check out Amy ( one of our Co-founders)  explain all about it here  🙌

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