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Avocado Oil Dressings ( Ranch & Greek )

Sugar free dressings made with only Avocado Oil.

What makes your Dressings suitable for the Keto or Paleo Diet?

When searching for an approved dressing, be sure not to just check the macros but also the ingredients of the dressing itself. Rapeseed oil (Canola), sunflower oil, and sugar should be avoided and are present in most store bought dressings. Vegetable

What eggs do you use in the Ranch dressing?

We only use British Free Range Liquid eggs in our Ranch dressing. We never use powder eggs like the majority of other food brands as they typically have undeclared chemical flow agents in them as well as the potential of being on the shelf in a

How should I store Hunter & Gather dressings?

Our dressings are an ambient product (no need to refrigerate until opened). We also recommend not storing in the fridge until you open your dressing. This prevents it from getting too cold and potentially solidifying. Once opened and in use, store as

Do you use Avocado Oil in your dressings?

Yes - our dressings are made with oil extracted from the flesh of avocados grown in the picturesque region of Axarquía, in the province of Malaga. This oil, high in monounsaturated fatty acids, is known for its anti-inflammatory properties and its su

Where do the avocados come from that go into your dressings?

Our avocado oil is crafted from the finest avocados grown in the sun-kissed region of Axarquía, in the province of Malaga. Handpicked with care, these avocados are a product of the small, sea-near farms, tenderly cultivated by the hands of local farm

Are there any allergens in the dressings?

Our 100% avocado oil dressings are made without added sugar, grains, gluten, seed or vegetable oils as well as any artificial preservatives or chemical processing aides. Our Greek dressing does not contain any of the top 14 allergens. Our Ranch dress

How do I know that this oil is 100% avocado and is not cut with other oils?

At Hunter & Gather, our promise is to always provide information, recipes, and products that do not contain refined sugars, grains, or vegetable or seed oils. Therefore, we will never personally cut any oil or product with cheaper vegetable or seed o

Why have you decided to use avocado oil instead of olive oil?

We are big fans of high-quality fats at Hunter & Gather, including coconut, avocado, olive, and animal-based fats such as tallow. We maintain a fantastic relationship with all our farmers who provide these essential ingredients, including those who s

Why have you changed the oil to avocado in the Greek / Ranch dressing?

We've embraced the rich, healthful essence of avocado oil in our Greek and Ranch dressings, a mindful shift inspired by the limited yield of olive oil over the past 2 harvests. Pioneering the use of this nutrient-dense oil, it's more than a choice—it

Does the avocado oil change the taste of the Greek / Ranch dressing?

The transition to avocado oil in our Greek and Ranch dressings is designed to be incredibly subtle. So subtle that you might not even notice a change in taste. We aim to maintain the classic flavours you love in our dressings while enhancing them wit

Will the Greek / Ranch dressing be the same price?

Yes, despite the switch to avocado oil, our Greek and Ranch dressings will remain at the same price.

Do you use extra virgin avocado oil in your dressings?

In our dressings, we use a physically refined and pressed avocado oil (without the use of hexanes or solvents), rather than extra virgin. This choice ensures a consistent, high-quality flavour profile that complements the unique tastes of our Greek a

Is the avocado oil tested for purity?

Our avocado oil adheres to rigorous quality and hygiene protocols. This means it is not only pure but also meets the stringent requirements of quality and safety, ensuring that every bottle of our dressing is as perfect as the last.

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