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Are electrolytes bad for blood pressure?Updated a month ago

Traditional low-sodium guidelines are, by definition, not individualised and essentially offer simple advice to the majority of people getting most of their calories from UPF (56%, Rauber 2019) and who are potassium deficient (90%, Rauber 2018). Our formulation is based on research suggesting a more nuanced relationship between sodium and blood pressure. It's tailored for those needing enhanced electrolyte balance and hydration. While suitable for a variety of lifestyles, we recommend consulting with healthcare professionals for personalised advice if you are concerned.

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Ref for 90%: Rauber, Fernanda, et al. "Ultra-Processed Food Consumption and Chronic Non-Communicable Diseases-Related Dietary Nutrient Profile in the UK (2008–2014)." Nutrients, vol. 10, no. 5, 2018, p. 587, Accessed 20 Apr. 2024.

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